ZOO Line

A pet store with animal supplies and pet accessories

Because we have always tries to provide our customers only with quality services, we have extended our assortment and network of business partners. As a result, we cooperate with leading Czech importers manufacturers, importers and exclusive distributors and our warehouse stores up to 3 500 readily available items.

We also run our own meat shop which prepares frozen and dried food, or smoked delicatessen for carnivores as well as grain mixes for b rids and rodents.

Our company closely cooperates with a number of shops specialized in animal food and animal keeping supplies and with vendors who trade in small animals.

What you will find in our store:

  • Psi: dog food and delicacies, vitamins, minerals, cosmetics, hygienic products, antiparasitic drugs, beds, pillows, coatings, toilets, transport boxes, toys, bowls, collars, brushes, dog clothes and fashion accessories, muzzles, books, travel items, harnesses, leads, and many other products
  • Cats: cat food and delicacies, toys, toilets, beddings, transport boxes, antiparasitic drugs, scratcher posts and condos, cat skin and coat care products, harnesses and collars, bowls, books, doors, beds, pillows, coatings, vitamins, minerals,
  • Aquaristics: aquarium, fish food, chemicals and medications, technical equipment, lighting, thermometers, books, aquarium back walls and decorations
  • Terraristics: food, various supplies, beddings, back walls, natural decorations, books, medications a vitamins, and lighting
  • Birds: food, delicatessen, feeders, various supplies and toys, transport boxes, books, cages, beddings, and tallow balls
  • Rodents: food, delicatessen, bowls and feeders, toilets, beddings, transport boxes, skin and coat care products, houses and playground equipment, toys, cage accessories, cages and playpens, books
  • Ferrets: food, vitamins, toys, and cages
  • Horse riding: delicatessen, vitamins and food supplements, horse saddle accessories, blankets, head collars and lead ropes, protective preparations, skin care product, bits, hoof care products, accessories, whips, riding pants and britches, riding boots, gloves, stable equipment, food, books, and protective riding equipment
  • Garden ponds: food, technical equipment, filtration materials, maintenance supplies and chemicals
  • Farming animals: food for poultry and rabbits

Opening hours

Mo-Fr: 9:00-19:00
Sa-Su: 9:00-17:00

Phone: +420 602 159 996

Email: info@alkapet.cz

Internet: http://www.alkapet.cz/